Up to 41% of Adults Sleep Hot

SOMÉ’s luxury smart textiles engineered in pyjamas and sheets are the only proven sleep system to improve the quality of sleep for hot sleepers

SOMÉ Temperature Regulating Sheets

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Lusomé Sleepwear for Night Sweats

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 Ideal for hot sleepers and even feels cool to the touch


Exclusively Powered By XIROTEX™ 

Offers best-in-class performance with proven health benefits 


Dynamic and intelligent thermoregulation. Continuous cooling activated by heat and sweat enabling the body temperature to be maintained at optimal 37°


Revolutionary moisture and odor management. Rapid one-way moisture movement away from skin surface enabling quick evaporation and comfort


Coming Soon! Science-infused rejuvenation ingredients delivering skin enhancing benefits including hydration

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What People Are Saying

I have never slept so well in my life! Since I was introduced to Lusomé, I can't stop buying! They work so well and are ridiculously soft! I wear them, my daughter wears them, my mom wears them, and my mother-in-law wears them. (Oh, btw mom, sissy, other mom, best friend, lady down the street...you're all getting these for Christmas!)


FINALLY!!! Sheets that actually work to regulate my temperature! I was skeptical as I have tried many other brands, including Hush. We have tried mattress pads and cooling pillows, but nothing worked. I am blown away! 12 nights in a row, I have had the most comfortable sleep. These sheets do everything they say and more. Perfect for couples where one of us sleeps hot and the other doesn't. I feel like I go to bed in the most luxurious hotel chain and am now magically not hot all night and sleeping better than I ever have. The only problem is that I see these sheets are sold out now and I wanted to buy some for my siblings and parents.


Unbelieveable I didn't even imagine the affect these jammies would have. I slept in them every night since. They are like the medication of night sweats, they take them away! Unblieveable. I hope everyone with night temp issues has an opportunity to get a pair.

S. Moar

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