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Very comfortable sleep shirt.

This is my third Lusome and I do love the fabrics. This is my favourite, most comfortable. This is a little more relaxed fit. I like roomy sleepwear, and even though I’ve always ordered up a size to large, Lusome sleepwear isn’t loose fitting. If they’d change that one design factor, I’d rate it a five star.


I ordered the King set. They feel so luxurious! I have an issue of regulating my temperature while I sleep. I have found that I am sleeping soundly and not waking up to either kick off the covers or to find my covers. A real game changer.

Gabriela Nightie
SO wonderful - improved sleep, great style

Thanks for the all work you’ve put into a great sleep nightie- even with a flash, I can sleep comfortably!

These sheets are so comforable

The sheets are so nice and cool to start and then warm up so nicely. My husband absolutely loves them. They are going to be amazing in the summer.

It checks off the list

Let's face it, if you are at the age of dealing with night sweats, then that is not the only thing keeping you from losing sleep. However, if you are going down the list of doing what you can do to get a better night sleep this nightgown is a great option. It keeps me feeling comfortable and one less thing that disturbs my slumber.

Love these sheets so much!!! So soft and cool!!

Leslie Chemise
Leisa King Whitby

The material is so soft. It feels like a dream.

Better sleep

The material is soft, and the fit generous. More comfortable as it draws moisture away. The material stays more fresh also.

Sarah Tee Extended Sizing

Haedy Sleepshirt
Maureen Bellinger
It’s so comfortable I have 2 of them

It’s cozy, but doesn’t get too hot, I love tge Haedy sleep shirt

It has been great.

The night gowns are wonderful, soft and no sweating. There was a problem with the fulfillment in that it as short one item. The staff, took a couple of days, but, have since shipped the missing item.

Donna Pant Ext. Sizing
Joyce Morrison
Much better

Love your product


The night sweats are still happening, but the sweat isn’t pooling and is being wicked away quickly. This does help to reduce the length of time I’m uncomfortable and therefore can return to sleep more quickly.

Better than regular nightwear

I like the longer sleeves. The material is soft and comfortable and draws moisture from the skin.

reduced night sweats

Warm and cosy

Comfortable as is or on top of a nitie

Donna Pant

Highly recommend. These pjs truly work!

Donna Shirt

I was skeptical about ordering these pajamas but was pleasantly surprised how well they work. These pjs are a life saver for stopping night sweats! I highly recommend.

Incredible Comfort

I love my new Gabriela Nightie - it feels so cool & comfortable on., I definitely sleep better as I am not dripping in sweat during a hot flash. I have now gotten rid of all my other PJ’s and will only wear your beautiful Lusome creations from now on!

Eva Sleepshirt
S Lockwood

While I like the feel, the folded neckline didn't lie totally flat from the start and already looks like it is stretched out which is weird.

My first nights sleep in your Bianca Nightgown was glorious - and it has been ever since!

I love sleeping through the night in coolness and comfort - such a relief not to be sweaty. The material is incredibly soft and comfortable, it is truly dreamy!!Your sleepwear is absolutely amazing!

My sleep has improved - I am able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Overall I am pleased with these pyjamas. I don’t get over heated and they pyjamas look very nice on me. I took off a point because the material is not quite as soft as I expected. I am not sure if this will improve with a few washes or this is specific to a holiday collection.

Donna Cap Sleeve
Michelle Faulds


Love the material. Great product!